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Get a Social Bookmarking Widget / Tool For Your Site at


Get a Social Bookmarking Widget / Tool For Your Site at

by Manik 10/30/2007 4:39:00 PM

Web Cosmo Social Widget tool makes it easier for distributing the web content online. Its a great way of letting the world know about your website, blog, or any online content.

With the Web Cosmo Widget buttons, webmasters make it easier for their visitors to collect content from their websites or blogs, and send it to their favorite destinations, including social media services etc. Its a very powerful way for web publishers to help their visitors remember and spread the word about the products they sell. With a simple click, visitors can quickly and easily collect information about the products they like and add it to their shopping research. Bookmark buttons can be added onto web pages or blogs with a simple cut-and-paste.

With a single Web Cosmo Widget button, visitors can collect the content they come across and save it into their favorite bookmarking service, pass to to friends etc. Its easy to install and easy to use. It works with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

You do not have to create an account or anything to get the code. Just use the wizard to create your code, set it on your website or blog, thats it!

Benefits of Using Web Cosmo Social Widget Button:

Easy Bookmarking- Makes it very easy for your visitors to bookmark your online content.
Traffic- Visitors promote your website or blog to the social bookmarking services, which bring back more traffïc to your website or blog.
No Hastle- You just set the button on your website or blog or any online pages, we take care of all works for you.
Its FREE- Its absolutely FREE.

To Create a Social Bookmarking Button for your site go to


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