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It's a Windows world: deal with it


  • 8th June 2006
  • James Bannan

In between the howls of outrage over Vista's dropped features and claims that Microsoft are screwing and disappointing their loyal customers yet again, the Mac and Linux fanboys are rubbing their hands with glee - anticipating a flood of disillusioned Windows users flocking over to the Light. Sorry guys - the disappointment is going to be yours to savour. Microsoft-bashing may still be a popular passtime, and sometimes they certainly do roll over and present a nice soft target.

But the thing to remember is that the way in which the vast majority of us use computers is the Microsoft way - Microsoft mentality, Microsoft products, Microsoft technologies.

It doesn't matter who thought of it first, who ripped off who, whose version is better…we are the Microsoft/MSN/Hotmail generation of computer users.

And these products are to computer usage what iPods are to portable music - not necessarily the best, but the natural choices.

If someone's a Windows user now, they're going to stay a Windows user when Vista rolls out.

Don't try and fight it. Don't moan and bitch about how Microsoft promised you so much more and aren't they just terrible and Gates is really Damien Thorn in glasses.

You're going to Vista regardless and you know it. Why? Because the product is so firmly embedded in society's mind that you might as well have circular Start icons in your irises.

You know how Windows works - it's familiar and comfortable. People want to play games, communicate, have fun.

They DON'T want to spend an hour trawling through techhead forums searching for that one line of code to get something installed.

Or buy into a system which looks great, feels great and has all the flexibility of titanium.

Windows lets you in, gets you going and gives as much or as little freedom as you want. Don't care about computers? Windows has a Wizard For All Occasions. Want to rip it to shreds? Your admin account comes with a scalpel and sledgehammer.

Windows rules now, and will rule next year too. Attack Vista all you like - it makes for amusing viewing.

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