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MySpace: Hack to Download Any Song on MySpace


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Created: Dec 30, 2005     Updated: Dec 13, 2006


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MySpace allows you to listen to a lot of songs; however, only a few of them can be downloaded. This little work-around will allow you to download most music files.


The method described in this tech-recipe has likely been fixed. The latest hack can be found here:

MySpace: Download Any Song for Free -- Again!

Old recipe is found below...

MySpace allows you to listen to a lot of music, but they only allow you to download a select few of the songs. Here is the work around.

1. Goto the MySpace site that you want to download the music from
2. That page must have at least one song available for download
3. Open notepad
4. Right-click the download link and select copy Link

5. Paste this link into your notepad

You see something like this: bandprofile.downloadSong&bsid=OldSongNumberHere&song_name= Title of the Old Song Here &fid=bandid

6. Right-click the
add link and select copy link

7. Paste this into your notepad

You will see something like this:

asfunction:addSong,NewSongNumber^Title of the New Song Here

8. Now in the original URL just replace the old song number and old title with the new number and title. Paste this URL into your browser and click OK.

9. After several seconds, you will be prompted to download the song.

Here's an example:

The one downloadable song Christine... bandprofile.downloadSong&bsid=535475&song_name=Christine&fid=7570106

The add link to Don't Go...

asfunction:addSong,2373353^Don%27t%20Go^Monsters %20Are%20Waiting%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E

The new hacked URL... bandprofile.downloadSong&bsid=2373353&song_name= Don%27t%20Go^Monsters%20Are%20Waiting%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E%2E&fid=7570106


Lore has figured out and posted another method:
MySpace: Hack to Download Any Song on MySpace -- XML Method

I figured this out independently while just playing around with MySpace. In the forums Brian Berris pointed out that he figured this out first. Props to him! If I had known it, it would have saved me some time. Feel free to check out his blog for a similiar version of this tutorial.

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