Sunday, June 15, 2008

EasyVoxBox EVB-0.013 is released


EVB-0.013 Release Notes

This is a major release.

EVB-0.013-i386.iso download page


Updates & Additions:


* Asterisk

* Zaptel

* FreePBX 2.4

* VtigerCRM 5.0.4 with click to dial

* Webmin

* EVBOS1 - A remastered version of Centos 5.1 with the current updates.




Download the ISO file and burn to a cd. Set your PC bios to 1st boot from CD.

Once the CD has booted, you will see the EasyVoxBox Installation Menu. Press

return to install EasyVoxBox. CAUTION!! All files on your hard disk will be


You will be prompted for timezone and root password during the OS install.

When the EVBOS has completed you will see a screen that says reboot. Remove

the CD and press enter to reboot. The install will take 20-30 min and will

reboot a few times.

Once finished (at the login prompt), login as root (using the password that

you entered during the install). You will see the ip number and mac address of

the machine at the top of the command prompt.

Browse to this IP from another system using Firefox. Go to (Admin ==> PBX

Setup) and then click on the orange bar to reload FreePBX. Reboot the system

by going to (System ) and click on reboot. You are now ready to begin

configuring the EasyVoxBox PBX system.




The system comes with the access control turned off. To enter the access

control section, use user: easyvoxbox and passwd: password


To access Samba use user: root and passwd: (the root password that you

selected during the install)


Default login for Vtiger is user: admin, passwd: admin


Default login for Webmin is user: root and passwd: (the root password that you

selected during the install)


For more information go to:


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