Friday, June 13, 2008

Essential Sysinternals Tools -- Now Available Live on Public Share


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Sysinternals tools are essential knowledge for any worthwhile windows guru. They are frequently referenced in tech-recipes tutorials and hacks. Now the sysinternals team has placed these tools on a public share. Access to these tools are now easier than ever.

Sysinternals creates and maintains an essential toolset for windows systems.

As most of these tools are small and lightweight, they are perfect to run directly from an online share. Now you can. Here is how to do it.

I will demonstrate the verbose, visual way to do this. Once you are familiar with the share, the real advantage will be running these tools directly from the command line.

1. To visualize the share, run the following from the start menu or explorer:
2. You can visualize the share in explorer. Files will allow you to see all the files to download. More importantly, you can run the programs directly from the Tools folder.

3. Click the Tools folder and view all your favorite sysinternals utilities.

4. Double-click on the application to run it. Here I am running the process monitor.

5. If you run something frequently, make note of the path so you can run it directly from the command line. Viewing the share in your web browser may help you remember the paths.


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