Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to add technorati tags to your Blogger Posts


One of my readers recently asked me how to add Technorati tags to their blog posts on Blogger. It's really rather easy to add Technorati tags to your Blogger blog posts.

When creating a post, you will see at the bottom of the text editor a box that reads "Labels for this post."

Enter the keywords that describe your post.

For example, my labels for this post may read 'Technorati Tags, Blogger, Tags."

Once you have posted the tagged post, ping Technorati. You should then be included in Technorati result pages. Technorati reads your blog's feed to pick up the tags.

To associate a specific word with a Technorati Tag, "Click on edit html" in your post. Type in this code before and after the word to be tagged.

<a href="" rel="tag">Blogger</a>

Two words should be joined by a +.

Ex:<a href="" rel="tag">Blogging Tips</a>

Use only words relevant to your post. That's all there is to it.



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