Sunday, June 15, 2008

How to surf blocked website using office’s computer


Most company didn't allow their worker to surf website like YouTube and social networking sites for example friendster, myspace or even blogger. I also experience that kind of problems, since i am using wireless connection from my neighbour, there are only certain websites that i can access. I couldn't access few blogs because they fall under personal website categories. The worst part is they didn't allow me to acess proxy site.


If you have the same problem like me, a free software called Your Freedom might help. I am using it right now. This freeware allow you to surfing the blocked website by using "bypass method". Your Freedom software will bypass the firewall and connect directly to the outside server. To use this software you may need latest Java installed.

How To?
Firstly go to to register. and then download Your Freedom Java Version . Once you finished registration and download part click on Java Icon installer.

Then just follow the wizard to seting up the connection. After finished everything you may need to change your browser setting . For Internet Explorer user go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings. Change the Proxy Server to this port 8080. This is the default setting for Yourfreedom. If the port clashed with other application you may need to change the port number.

For Firefox user go to Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>Settings and set the manual proxy configuration and input address port 8080.


The settings is based on the default setting inside the Your Freedom Configuration


However since this is free so there are few limitation. For example, every one hour you have reconnect the server back, the upload and download speed is slow. But its a good option to surf blocked website.

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