Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to verify your hosted blogs in Google Webmaster Tools.


First I'd like to thank the author of this link: and


This is the post that helped me find my answer about this problem I was having with verifying my site with Google Webmaster Tools. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Google Webmaster Tools can be found at this URL:


Basically it is an analytics tool used for tracking different aspects of your web page. It is a good tool for any webmaster. However, in order to use the free service you must verify you are indeed the owner of the URL you wish to be analyzed and tracked. In order to do this, you can add a special META tag to your pages HTML source, or upload a unique file to your web server.


Well, when it comes to those who are hosted by, you can cross adding a meta tag off the list, as this cannot be done unless you own your own domain.


So we need to select verify by uploading a file, once you have submitted your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Google will then bring you to a page telling you to upload a specific .html file to your web server. The random filename should look something like this: "google51603ad9d1bcb791.html".


So here is how you verify your blog in 3 easy steps.


Step 1. Login to Dashboard


Step 2. Write a new page, using your unique filename assigned by google as your pages Page Title. example: google51603ad9d1bcb791.html as the page title. (include the period)


Step 3. Publish the page, and go back to Google Webmaster Tools and click verify.


And your done! Now you'll be able to use Google Webmaster Tools with your hosted blog! Enjoy.


David S. said...
June 5, 2008 at 2:18 PM  

Hello friend, I am the webmaster of and I'd like to thank you for including my link and I'm glad my post helped you. If you would like to exchange links please contact on my blog or email me at I enjoy reading your blog keep up the good work,

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