Friday, June 6, 2008

.ME - Montenegro - New European Domain to Launch


.ME - Montenegro - New European Domain to Launch


To register a .ME domain name during the landrush period:


The .ME name space promotes a personal identity, which is open to any applicant worldwide. This is because this highly personal name space is all about being "me".


All landrush applications must be submitted by an accredited .ME domain name registrar. Any duplicate .ME domain name applications submitted to the registry during the landrush period will go through an auction process, which will be operated by a registry designated auctioneer.


Any unique landrush Domain name applications that are submitted by an applicant will be registered and allocated to the registrant.


We are currently accepting .ME landrush domain name applications.


Any application submitted to us prior to June 6 will be submitted once the registry landrush commences. The landrush period is expected to begin on June 6 2008.


The full details relating to the .ME landrush auction process can be found online at:


All .ME landrush domain name applications during the landrush process are only initially available for a fixed term of 2 years. Once the allocation process has been completed, these domain names may be renewed for a longer term.


The scheduled time table for the landrush

May 20 17:00 UTC - June 6 15:00 UTC: Quiet Period

June 6 15:00 UTC - June 26 17:00 UTC: landrush - Auction Model

June 26 17:00 UTC - July 17 15:00 UTC: Quiet Period

July 17 15:00 UTC: Open Registration - FCFS Model




All .ME applications during the Open Registration period may be registered for a term from 2 to 10 years.


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