Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OS X: Backup and Restore Address Book



Some of the most important data you have are the contacts in your address book. Plus, trying to re-enter all that data if it is lost is a complete pain. Here is the easy and simple ways to backup this information and restore it if it becomes lost.

OS X has a ton of backup tools and methods. However, if you are going to backup one thing manually, I would suggest saving your address book to a separate file. The file will be small and portable.

Go ahead and back it up right now. Email it to your work or to a gmail account for save keeping.

Backup –

1. Open your Address Book
2. From the Address Book menu select File

3. Select Export

4. Select Address Book Archive

5. Name it and Save it.
6. Email that file or burn it on a CD or USB drive. Get it off your computer to a save place.

Restore --

So if you address book is shot or corrupted, just restore from you saved copy.

1. Open your Address Book
2. Select File and then Import

3. Select Address Book Archive

4. Browse to and select your file
5. Let it restore



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