Friday, July 11, 2008

Send messages to folders with a single keystroke in Yahoo


In Yahoo you can move messages to folders with just press of a key. Press the folder number as seen on left and that mail will be moved to particular folder.

Lets take an example. I have folders as shown:

  • Banks n Bills
  • e-subscriptions
  • fun forwards

Now if i have a mail from my bank say 'state from xyz bank' all i need to do is press (number one) '1 key and the mail is moved to "Banks n Bills" folder.

There you have it. Single keystroke filing for any of your first 9 folders. This trick, and many other excellent keystroke shortcuts for All-New Mail can be found on the Shortcuts page in Yahoo! Mail Help.

If you have trouble finding that page you can easily access it from the Help dropdown menu whenever you need it.


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