Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Easily create widgets using Widgenie


(a division of LogiXML) is a free site that allows users to upload excel and csv files and transform them into visual information. More data sources are expected soon. It allows bloggers, marketing representatives, businessmen, anyone basically, to create widgets or visual information charts for publishing on the web’s most popular sites like Facebook, Wordpress and iGoogle.

Users can import data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV files and data feeds from Widgenie’s partner sites. After the data is entered, it can be customized via a drag and drop editor—no coding is required. Colors, size, headings, fonts and more can all be customized according to user preferences. All changes can be previewed within Widgenies viewing window.

You can go "Inside the Lamp" to learn even more about widgenie, get ideas, share solutions and see what others are doing with the widgenie platform and post your comments to their forum.

Overall the site is really great for sharing data with family, colleagues, co-workers, or any readers on your site or blog. It’s easy to use and easy to update.

Source: Widgenie Overview and Christy Simmons


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