Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Dot TK Domain


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Dot TK, which has its headquarters in San Francisco and Amsterdam, is a joint venture between the government of Tokelau, the country’s communications company, Teletok, and Taloha, a private company.

It provides both paid as well as free hosting(both are ad-free). Its features include:

                                                                    Free    Paid

URL Forwarding                                       Yes       Yes
Email Forwarding                                     Yes       Yes
Create TiKilink                                          Yes       Yes
Traffic Management                                 Yes       Yes
Legal ownership of your domain         No        Yes
Dot TK DNS Service                                  No        Yes                               
Your own DNS                                            No        Yes
Hits counter                                                No        Yes                               
Banner Marketing                                      No        Yes                       

Websites can be accessed by small and easy addresses like and emails can be forwarded from an address like to your own address. It also has its referral programme that shall surely reward you.

So dont hesitate to Register for a free Dot TK Domain as even email activation is not necessary.

The only way to get to Tokelau is by boat from Apia, Western Samoa. The trip takes 37 hours.


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