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There are many online sitemap generators like etc. that do the task but Google boasts an awesome one.

NOTE: This Sitemap Generator has been completely revamped - It's awesome! It is now part of our Webmaster Tool, simply click on the webmaster tool image to start. Below you will find instructions for creating XML Sitemaps, Google Sitemaps and HTML sitemaps.


* Before you jump into this, you should read everything on this page.

* The SITEMAP GENERATOR respects sessions! If you are logged into your site and have delete privileges, the sitemap generator will follow all links, including 'delete links', so play it safe and make sure you are NOT logged into your website!

* In order to Generate Sitemaps, you'll need Sun's Java Runtime which is free and located here:

For other parts of the webmaster tool, such as checking your site for invalid links or finding out why it's not ranking well, visit the Webmaster Tools page.


You're probably here to generate a sitemap for your favorite search engine? At one time, Google had it's own sitemap format, Yahoo had their own version and everyone else was trying to catch up. Fortunately, a standard was developed for XML Sitemaps which are now accepted by Google, Yahoo and others.

There is still the traditional html sitemap, and we have taken that into consideration when building the sitemap generator; our webmaster tool provides you with the option to generate a XML sitemap or HTML sitemap – how you export (save) the file is up to you.

Creative website owners have been using sitemaps to get their content recognized by search engines for years; these html sitemaps predate Google and XML site maps. The nice thing about this type of sitemap is that it can be read by humans AND search engines.

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