Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Download Free Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Pocket Office applications-Word|Excel|Powerpoint- CAB file for Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones


PPCGeeks reports that Mobile Office- Word, Excel and Powerpoint- available in Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard based Smartphones has been extracted from an upgraded Windows Mobile 6.0 OS ROM and ported to be compatible with and installed on Windows Mobile 5.0 based Smartphones. This is useful for Smartphones like Motorola Q which are not provding free upgrades to Windows Mobile 6.0 OS.

Make sure to install Microsoft .NET Compact Framework before installing WM6 Mobile Office on your Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone.

To create new Excel, Word or Powerpoint files on a Windows Mobile Smartphone, you still need to follow the hack mentioned previously.

Link removed

Update: Microsoft’s copyright lawyers have sent an email requesting to remove the download link

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