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SMS Tips and Tricks


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Top Ten Handy Tips for Fast SMSing
Txt using both hands.
Learn the location of ur letters.
Rmbr 2 txt in shrthnd.
Check ur txting the right number.
Limber up ur fingers with some stretching exercises.
Nip ur nails in the bud.
Find the fastest finger 4u.
Get 2 know ur phones functions and features.
Clean ur phone. A non-stick mobile is a quick mobile.
Practice makes perfect, become a txt machine!

SMS Shorties

Text messaging from a cellular phone can become quite a daunting task. To save your fingers the trouble here is a list of a few 'SMS shorties'

AFAIK As far as I know
Cm Call me
Cul See you later
Gr8 Great
PCM Please call me
SRY Sorry

For a detailed list take a look at our SMS Dictionary,

Predictive Text

Make sure to use the predictive text on your cell phone, most new models have T9 - the specification of the predective text utility. Predective text is almost flawless in the way it works because it consults a dictionary. So you don't find yourself tapping the same key on your phone 4 times to get the letter 'S'.

You must remember to switch off predictive texts while typing Indian names.

Send Business Cards

With this handy tip you can save your friends the trouble of storing your numbers.

A business card is a special SMS message which is composed as follows:

The receiver will see the text BUSINESS CARD RECEIVED displayed on his/her. phone.

Sending Blinking SMS

Does blinking SMS get you blinking?

Also go Blink SMS Section

Be different and send your friends blinking SMS. Go to this website. (Registration required)

Useful Information
Text is perfect when it's inconvenient to talk. Use it to confirm meetings, exchange information or send greetings, congratulations and keep in-touch.
How2txt? Find your phone's SMS or messages menu, select write and key a message of up to 160 letters. Send by entering a number or choosing from the phone book.
Is texting cheap? They cost around Rs.1 each to send to a Indian network and Rs.5 to a foreign network. They're even cheaper with some monthly plans.
Remember to delete old text messages frequently. If you don't, your mobile's memory will fill up and new messages won't arrive until old ones are deleted.
Many new mobile phones use 'predictive' text for faster texting, guessing your words as you text. More information is available at

Seven Top Tips for SMSing Abroad

SMSing is a quick and convenient way of keeping in touch with family and friends while holidaying abroad. Forget airport payphones and expensive hotel phones - texting from your mobile phone means that you can stay in touch on your terms. Here are our top tips for texting while abroad.

Check you can text with your mobile phone in the place you're visiting and find out about the text services offered by your network provider or its partners in your destination. You may also have to lift an international call bar on your mobile phone before overseas use. This information should be available from your network provider.
How do you make your mobile phone work outside the India? Easy! Your handset will automatically search for compatible networks once you switch it on. You can stick with your mobile phone's first network choice or, if there is a choice of providers, use the network selection menu on your handset to opt for an alternative.
Worried that your pre-pay phone can't be used to text from abroad? This depends on the network you use while overseas, but in most cases you should be able to use pre-pay phones in the same way as you would in the India. Again, check with your India network provider.
Check the telephone numbers you are likely to use before leaving the country. To text a India number from abroad leave out the zero at the beginning of the area code and replace it with the symbol '+' and India country code 91. However, your network may allow you to use special short codes without any need for international codes. This information should be available from your network provider. For calls to local landline numbers in the country you are staying you do not need to prefix it with an international code.
If you want to use your mobile phone for voice calls, or for any other text or voice services while overseas, check with the network provider to see what you can and can't do - and how much it will cost - before you leave the country.
Remember to pack your mobile phone charger, travel plug adapter and spare battery before you go off on your travels.
And remember to always switch your mobile phone off before boarding the aircraft.

Bon voyage - and happy holiday smsing!


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