Saturday, October 4, 2008

Unlock or Format your phone when you forgot or don’t know the phone security code


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Have you ever encountered the situation when you may want to just lock your phone or you may want to format your phone ? if yes then this post is for you.

NOTE: The default security code for all Nokia handsets is 12345.

So today i am going to post the way through which you can unlock your nokia phone

There are three ways through which you can unloack your nokia phone without knowing the security code. 

Method 1. Try the default security code i.e 12345 for all nokia phones.

Method 2. Download the java software from here and install it on nokia java based symbian phone.

Method 3. You can also unlock your nokia phone directly over internet by “Enter your phone IMEI number” by typing the code in the brackets (*#06#) from this website .

So these are all the ways you can use to unlock all nokia symbian based phone and if you want to know how to unlock other company phones like samsung ,motorola etc. Leave a comment here.


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