Friday, December 26, 2008

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FoxAdder Facebook Bot

Fox Adder is currently the “fastest” facebook bot online right now. The Program has a fantastic layout which makes it very easy to operate. I was able to get it up and running in no time. This bot also has a lot of features that some of the other bots seem to be lacking. FoxAdder allows you to add mass friends requests, send mass messages to facebook users, group & wall posts and more. I was most impressed with the CAPTCHA handling though. This bot comes with a pleasing price tag of $55 dollars, Well worth it for the all the features it has & it’s outstanding customer support. Someone is usually always on livehelp on the website to help you out.

Rating- 5 0ut 5

RudeAdder Facebook Bot

RudeAdder was the “first” Facebook bot to be released on the web. There where a few bugs when it launched & still the owner never seems to make update to the software The bot doesn’t really have a user-friendly layout, I wasn’t able to figure out how to work out all the features without hassle. RudeAdder’s customer support is terrible, THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD TWICE, and never responded to my emails. I had to wait a little longer than I expected for the download about 3 hours or so. RudeAdder sells for $90+, which is a terrible for anyone on a budget who needs a great working Facebook bot. Other sites are asking around $50-$75 per license. The site is very unprofessional and I did in fact hesitate weather or not I wanted to put my payment information in at first. BEWARE OF THE SOFTWARE CLAIMING TO CRACK CAPTCHA, IT’S JUST A SCAMMY PLOY TO GET YOU TO PAY EXTRA $$$

Rating- 1 out 5
Facebook tools = Scam, Scam, Scam!


I had a horrible experiance with this Facebook Bot site. First of all the bot was very over priced for the lackluster features it offered. Facebook tools is almost $70 dollars compared to the other bots just under $60. I ordered the bot via Paypal and didn’t get my product until 2 days later. After day one i was sured It was a scam. Once I finally got the bot None of features worked properly except for the friend ID grabber which was fairly fast. I attempted to contact the owner of the site via the email link he provided. I noticed he offered no type of live support like the other bot sites. The owner replied about 9 hours later telling me that he was working on an update to fix the bugs. I decided i would wait for the update. 3 days later No update!. I demanded my money back as I knew surely at this point I was being scammed. I contacted the owner and he told me that he did not give refunds after 3 days or something like that. After much arguing and fighting with the owner of Facebook tools, I decided to take my issue to Paypal. A week later Paypal returned my money. Would not recommend you buy this bot. Site looks phishy.

Rating- 2 out 5


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