Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to set-up your new Nokia N96 to its full potential?


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1. Get the latest firmware release: 
Install the nokia apps from the CD, DO NOT UPDATE THEM FROM THE INTERNET - some people have reported that NSS only works with the older usb drivers, this was true in my case but may not be for others. If you have any problems the older usb drivers are pretty easy to find with a quick google. 
Download Nokia Service Suite (NSS) from Here, run the installer (click next to all the defaults, unless you want it installed in a different place.) 
Find a product code for an unlocked phone from the net (there is a thread full of them Here. 
Plug your phone into the usb, select PC Suite mode. 
Open up NSS, select 'Scan for new device > Phone Info > Read' This will give you your current product code 
Insert your new-found product code into the product code box, and tick enable, then write. It should only take a few seconds, and then if you click read again it will show your new product code. 
You can now update any of the nokia software from the internet if you want to, open up Nokia Software Updater, make sure your phone has enough battery, and run through the updating process.
EDIT : make sure u don not touch your phone in anyway during the updating progress: it may look like it has crashed but it probably hasnt! just wait for the NSU to tell you its finsished. 

2. Go to menu > tools > settings > general > personalistaion > display > turn auto rotate on - this basically enables the token iphone feature that everyone seems to love. 

3. Go to menu > tools > settings > general > personalistaion > themes > general > options > theme effects and change it to on -makes the auto rotate transitions much nicer, and the menu a bit snazzier 

4. In the music player go to options > audio settings and turn on both loudness and stereo widening. 

5. Messages>options>settings> other. most people will want to change the number of saved messages, and possibly the memory used. 

6. Camera > options > settings > record location 'on' - this is down to preference really but most dont realise its off by default. 

Tips by : kraftman ( forum member)


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