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Make Vista Look Like Windows 7 for Free


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Getting tired of the look of your Vista desktop? By using MSStyles, a wallpaper change, a simple change to your Sidebar and a small registry change, you can have your Vista looking like the Windows 7 interface.

To make things simple (and to maintain a transparency effect when your windows are maximized), download and install VistaGlass as described here.


1. You need to download the Windows 7 for Vista theme by giannisgx89 at Deviantart.

2. Make sure that you are running Aero.

3. Open export the Windows M3 directory from the RAR file to C:\Wiondows\Resources\Themes.

4. Open the Windows M3 directory and double-click on Windows M3.msstyles.

5. When the Appearance Settings window appears, select Apply and then click the OK button.

Click here to know more on how to apply 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista.

Boot Screen:

Windows 7 boot screen shows "Starting Windows..." text along with a glassy progressbar in the middle of screen.

Vishal Gupta shows you how you can get a similar boot screen in Windows Vista:

Download Windows 7 Boot Screen for Windows Vista

PS: If you want to get new Windows 7 Beta animated boot screen, then follow this topic:

Download New Windows 7 Beta Boot Screen for Windows Vista


You can find the wallpaper at istartedsomething (either 1600×1200 or 1920×1200).

To change the Taskbar to show icons only for open applications:

Simply download this utiity, run it and click on the right-side image which shows "Windows 7 Type Iconized" and you are done. You'll need to log off or restart the system to take affect.

To restore default settings, click on the left-side image.

A few more extras can be found at


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