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Making Money with AdBrite


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Few days ago I received a check of $40 from AdBrite. I have to let you know upfront that that I have become a big fan of AdBrite(aff) and therefore this article may seem partial and bias. But if you bare with me, I may eventually get my point across.

To begin with, I also was skeptical about making any good money with AdBrite(aff) and for many reason have taken a wrong approach right from the very start. I thought to myself that all I had to do is to place little snippets of code all over my website and then sit and relax and watch my money “rolling in”. If you have the same attitude don’t even think of marketing the space of your website for advertising ads from AdBrite, or for that matter with any contextual or pay per click advertising. You will end up disappointed with making just a few dollars if that.

So here is how my “love affair” with AdBrite started. After researching few possibilities I zeroed down to two choices Tex-Link-Ads and AdBrite. The reasoning behind was that with these two you have more control on what ads will eventually appear on your site. Unless you end up showing only so called “network ads”, you will be asked to approve any purchase of ads on your site and therefore you can decline ads that do not correspond to the content of your website or you find otherwise unfit for your website. This kind of control is not yet present even at Google AdSense. While Google does and excellent job crawling and analyzing the content of your, site here and there some ads would “slip” that you would not always want them on your website. By approving each advertising from AdBrite, you also have an excellent opportunity for building a business relationships. Every good businessman will tell you that your best clients are the “return clients”.

Unfortunately I was not approved for a publisher with Text Link Ads(aff), but I still am an affiliate with them and hopefully one day can become a publisher. So that left me with AdBrite. After registering new account I quickly placed the necessary codes on my website and started to await my big money rolling in. Also, in order to “beat” the competition I set the lowest possible price- I was asking one penny per day for a single ad. I figured that if I sold all space available I would make about $10 my first moth. But two weeks went by and I have earned only $0.08, no exaggeration.

It was clear to me that my plan was not working- until something changed my attitude. That something was a Yellow Book, yes I still keep around one of those. As I was looking for something in it, I thought to myself “all space is sold in this book”. Fortunately for me, I have a friend who use to sell space in Yellow Book, but unlike me in order to make his money he did not sit around and wait for people to start calling in. He went around from business to business, old and new, selling the ads. Plus he had a huge advantage over me, unlike my website Yellow Book was known to people. I knew that with some work and marketing, I have a chance to make my website known. But I literally did nothing to sell the ads. So I decided to change my attitude and actively pursue my potential advertisers. Now I am trying to e-mail at least ten advertisers a day offering to advertise on my site. And it is starting to pay off, but most importantly I am building good business relationships which I hope will lest for years to come.

So where do I find potential advertisers? Anywhere and everywhere. Some of them can be actively using AdWords by targeting specific sites some may already advertise with AdBrite. There is also a benefit from referring new advertisers to AdBrite. You will get $35 per referral. I write them and e-mail explaining what is my website is all about, telling them how many and what kind of visitors my site receives and offer to start a long lasting business relationship. So out of the my first check of $36.10, $35 I received from AdBrite for referring a new advertiser. And whole $1.10 from selling the ad itself. Since then I have adjusted prices for my ads and no longer sell them for a penny per day. I believe my work is worth more than that, and so should you!

By now you may have already read that in order to make any real money with advertising on your site you need at least 1000 visitors a day. While the more traffic you have (and if you can show it) the better off you are. But I sold my first ad via AdBrite at the time when my site was getting about 20 unique visitors a day. While big number of visitors is a plus, do not get discouraged because you don’t have 1000 visitors a day. If you are marketing properly your website, you may end up with more that 1000 visitors a day to your site. Just multiply what I made with only 20 visitors a day to my site by 50. Yes it is possible to make $1,800 a month just with AdBrite. I am not there yet and it will still take some time before I am making this kind of money. But I surely will be back writing and bragging the very first day I receive a check of $1,800. I give you my word on this one!

So can you make real money with AdBrite? The answer is YES, you can. But in order to do so, you can not sit around and wait for the money to begin to roll in. You need to do something about it. Remember the Yellow Book? Your website is it! And your are it’s CEO, as well as the sales person!


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