Monday, December 15, 2008

Windows 7 Build 6936 Hints At Windows 7 Beta


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The German online magazine Winfuture (German) got their hands on the latest Windows 7 build with the build number 6936 that got distributed to the small circle of pre-beta testers. The build is identical with the build that was used to demonstrate Windows 7 at the WinHec conference. That build was created at the end of October according to Winfuture.

The full taskbar functionality is now available in that build. The remarkable changes of build 6936 are:

  1. Jumplists are accessible by right-clicking on a symbol in the task bar
  2. The Start button seems more colorful when moving the mouse over it
  3. The Start menu is now displaying icons next to the most used applications which lead to Jump Lists as well
  4. They mention new and updated symbols but fail to provide details
  5. The Zoom function is now available which can be used to zoom into parts of the computer desktop. The zoom works in multimedia files as well.
  6. Hardware Detection seems to have been improved as devices that were not completely detected in the PDC build were not detected correctly.
  7. Missing drivers were downloaded from Windows Update automatically
  8. The Shutdown button is now showing in text form what it will do

    Back to the title of the article. Why does this release hint at the Windows 7 Beta? Microsoft changed the default Windows 7 wallpaper to one entitled Windows 7 Beta Default Desktop Wallpaper. The difference is the fish that is shown in the middle of the wallpaper.

    The species is called Betta..


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