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DEdit Text Editor - Edit Multiple Files At The Same Time


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DEdit Text Editor is an application that allows you to edit multiple files at the same time and transfer the file from one window to another with the help of Menu Handset button. It is a multitasking application since it allows you to edit more than one file at a single time. It has many hotkeys. Hotkeys are a combination of two keys that is the dial key and the second key respectively. Hotkeys enable the user to operate the phone with one hand.

The key features of the application are:

• It is a very good file manager. It helps you to open and save files.

• It maintains a list of last 20 files opened. The list can be retrieved using history option

• It has a user-friendly interface. User can easily edit the application using a single hand.

• It is alight application and is fast.

• You can highlight the portion of the text you are editing and change the colors and appearance.

• You can bookmark a specific text position in a document.fro a single document you can have 20 bookmarks.

• It remembers the position of the last edited document.

• It support multiple encoding including .cpl

The system requirements are:

• It works well with Nokia series 60 smart phones.

• It requires Symbian Operating System for its operation.

The setup required for installing the application can be downloaded free of cost. The download link for DEdit Text Editor for symbian operating system is given below:

Download DEdit Text Editor for symbian operating system

One of the drawbacks of the application is that it does not provide with spell check. Keeping that aside it is a good application just like using notepad on a Windows Operating System.

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