Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Office 14 to be named Microsoft Office System 2009?


Microsoft is currently developing the successor to Office 2007, Office codenamed "14".

There has been little to no information on the upcoming Office version and many have speculated we might not see the product until 2010. Microsoft failed to provide any solid information at last years PDC, choosing to focus on its Office Live offerings.

Eagled eyed Microsoft enthusiast and blogger Stephen Chapman has spotted what appears to be an internal software roadmap from Microsoft. The roadmap reveals a milestone of year end 2009 but the dates aren't very clear:

Office 14

In the roadmap you can see that Office 14 is clearly identified as Microsoft Office System 2009. Could this mean we'll be seeing a new edition of Office this year?

via Office 14 to be named Microsoft Office System 2009?.


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