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Share Your Recipies On iPhone


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BigOven is an iPhone application. It is an application that allows the users to share their recipes. You can search over more than 1.5 lakhs recipes. You can receive cooking tips and chat with other users. It offers you a lot of different cooking options. You can try out different cuisines. This application makes sure that you never fall short of dinner options.

The key features of the application are:

• You can search various cuisines. It has a huge archive of different recipes.
• Once you are registered with BigOven, you can add recipes to your Favorites and Try Soons. All you need to do is make a simple click.
• The recipes marked as Try Soons are deleted after a month. You can make dinner using the recipes from try soon list whenever you are struck with ideas.
• The best chefs from the world rate the recipes thereby you have ratings that you can rely on.
• It allows you to go forward and back between different recipes.
• You can chat with other users who are registered with BigOven.
• You can also transfer the recipes to your pc.
• You can calculate and see the nutritional value of a recipe.
• You can create a grocery list, which can be viewed on your iPhone.
• You can also post your own recipes and photos.

The application is a freeware and can be downloaded free of cost from Apple iTunes store. The download link for the big oven application is given below:

Download BigOven

Overall, it is an excellent and an extremely popular application. It will make sure that you are never short of idea for your next meal. It also provides you with data so that you can have a healthy meal and stay fit.


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