Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Ways to Connect Facebook to Other Social Media (Twitter, Skype, AIM and More)


Facebook is a social networking website that was established in the year 2004. Growing exponentially with time, the website currently has more than 120 million active users worldwide. So below are 10 cool tricks that will help you to connect to other social media such as Twitter, AIM, Google Calendar and even applications like Microsoft Outlook etc.

1. Facebook Events to Google Calendar

This Greasemonkey hack lets you quickly add a Facebook event to your Google calendar with one click.


2. AIM Plugin

This is another useful plugin. This helps you to know where and by whom you are tagged at Facebook, if you are logged in to AIM account.


3. Digsby

Digsby is another tool that combines your Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, and other accounts. So it almost works like a multimessenger of some sort.


4. Flock

This web browser works with Windows, Mac and Linux, and it features a sidebar that pulls in your friends from Facebook (and Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube) so you can keep them with you as you surf the Web. I donno what is that exactly.


5. OutSync

Microsoft Outlook users who have this Facebook app will find that their friends’ profile pictures also appear in their Outlook address book entries and thus it is very useful to easy to mail someone.


6. My Photo Index

You can easily organize and manage photos on Facebook and Flickr with this one. So photo sharing is not a problem any more.


7. Twitter2FB

Update your status only once with this tool, which displays the same status on Twitter as it does on Facebook.


8. ma.gnolia

This display your latest ma.gnolia bookmarks on Facebook for maximum social media coverage. Isn't it kewl?


9. FeedBurner Facebook

This popular app displays headlines from your FeedBurner blogs and feeds on Facebook. So getting instant messages and news is not a problem any more too.


10. Timegram

Even Skype isn't spared. You can send pre-set Skype and Chat messages with this scheduler.


So here are some essential and featureful apps to connect your Facebook to other social media. Hope you enjoy it.


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