Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Apple Released Safari 4 Beta: 3 Times Faster than IE7 and Firefox 3


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Apple has released a Beta version of its web browser "Safari" 4.0. The new web browser comes with new "Nitro" engine which runs JavaScript 4.2 times faster than Safari 3.

This new beta version comes with lots of new features like "Top Sites", for a stunning visual preview of frequently visited pages; "Full History Search", to search through titles, web addresses and the complete text of recently viewed pages; "Cover Flow", to easily flip through web history or bookmarks; and "Tabs on Top", to make tabbed browsing easier and more intuitive.

Safari 4 is built on the world’s most advanced browser technologies including the new Nitro JavaScript engine that executes JavaScript up to 30 times faster than IE 7 and more than three times faster than Firefox 3. Safari quickly loads HTML web pages three times faster than IE 7 and almost three times faster than Firefox 3.

Safari 4 is the first browser to pass the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test, which examines how well a browser adheres to CSS, JavaScript, XML and SVG web standards that are specifically designed for dynamic web applications.

Safari 4 is a public beta for both Mac OS X and Windows and is available immediately as a free download at following link:

Download Link

Press Release

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