Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogger publishing and post categorizing helper (with trackback) for the new Blogger


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Helps keep your notes in sync with your categories according to the tags you used. Also, if you go to and/or,, or after installing this script, and point either ping tool to your blog, you will get additional links here from your publish pages. Note that you need to do this for every blog you want links to separately (figuring you might want to change options for where to ping posts for each blog). Clicking these additional icons will ping the appropriate site, flashing the icon while doing so. If the flashing stops on a semi-transparent button, the pinging failed, if it stops in a solid state, it was successful. The URLs of the "Details..." view also get made into clickable URLs. Trackback functionality is also added. Some of this functionality is also made available via Blogger's BlogThis! page. Version 2.0.


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