Saturday, February 14, 2009

Speed up broadband connection about 30%


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If you’re using cable broadband internet try this before anything else. It’s really simple to do and it works great.

Download this simple program to edit your settings(not more then 100kb size)> (zip file)
DRTCP021.exe (exe file)


1. Set Tcp Receive Window (RWIN) to 128480
2. Set Windows Scaling, Time Stamping, Selective Acks, Path MTU Discovery, Black Hole Detection to Default.
3. Leave Max Duplicate Acks and TTL Blank [Delete anything in those fields]
4. Lastly save to registry and then reboot .

Note: Only for Windows XP and previous versions

WINDOWS VISTA USERS: Vista TCP tuning (tweaking) is NOT advisable. The Vista TCP stack does a reasonable job of tuning the receive window dynamically, there are no known registry tweaks that would optimize Vista better than its default configuration.


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