Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5 Tools To Split Large Files


There are many times that you want to send a large file on email to your friends and you can not upload it because of its large size. These large files are not easy to attach in an email and are also very hard to upload on a file sharing services. So the only option you are left with is splitting these large files into small size files and attaching them with email or uploading on a file sharing website to share with friends. Here are 5 easy ways to split large files into smaller files and make it easy to share them with others.


This free and reliable application allows you to split large files into small pieces (even very large files, larger than 4GB). You can split files like zip archives, self extracting archives, images, multimedia, videos, music files, backup, log, document files etc into smaller files.

These smaller pieces are easy to copy to flash drives, send in an email as attachments, distribute over internet, upload to host account and exchange using instant messengers. It shows you times for splitting files and you can stop and resume splitting operation anytime you want. GSplit works on all Windows versions and a portable version of GSplit is also available which does not require installation of software.

File Splitter

Another free software to split and merge files. This is portable software and does not need any installation. The user interface is very easy and the new version make it possible to split very large files (>2GB). 

Rapid Split

Easy to use software which assists you on every step when you are splitting a file. The best thing about Rapid Split is that you do not need Rapid Split to merge smaller files to get the original file; these smaller files can be merged using a utility which is created by Rapid Split when splitting the file.

It gives you option to select the size of smaller files or you can tell the software to split a larger file in number of pieces (of your choice).

The new version of Rapid Split has many new features for great user experience. 

File Splitter Deluxe Software

The best thing about this software is that it splits large files (of any size) into smaller files which can be rejoined without using this software. So if you are sharing these files with somebody, they do not nee to have this software to join smaller files to get original one. You can also keep smaller files on multiple disks and then copy them in one folder in PC to rejoin. This software works in all versions of Windows and can split files with any extension including .exe, .mp3, .avi and other formats.


Best free software to split PDF large files into smaller files. It also processes password protected PDF files easily. There is a custom pattern that Adolix uses to split large pdf files. So tryout Adolix for splitting large pdf files to share easily.

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