Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Automatically tweet your blog updates (feeds)


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If you are regular on Twitter,, HelloTxt or then you would be definitely knowing the importance of updating your profile with your blog posts as tweets, which will then be followed by your followers. But each time updating (tweeting) the new posts may not be so easy. So how about automatic tweeting of all the blog posts ?

Twitterfeed has made this very easy for you!
Just register with them, give your account details to them and every time you write a new post in your blog, it will be straight away displayed in your Twitter updates. You may also choose to shorten the URL using services like TinyURL, buzzup, etc.

NOTE: You do not have to register with a new name at TwitterFeed, use your OpenID to Sign In. For bloggers using as their blogging platform, they can use the url (SOMETHING.BLOGSPOT.COM) of their blogs to sign in.
Then click on "create new feed" fill out the form and that's your life will be more easier :)

P.S. You can now follow Tech Recipe using Twitter at


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