Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to see people’s big display picture (avatar) in Facebook


You’re looking for somebody you know,you find somebody who looks like the one you are looking for but you’re not sure if he’s the one you’re looking for since you cannot see his face very well and his profile can only be seen by his friends.To see his bigger picture(The profile we’re testing on is my profile):

  • Right click his picture and click properties.
  • You will see a URL referring his picture like >

Now you wonder i made “S” bold in the URL,because “S” is initial of SMALL ,which means Facebook shows his small(avatar) picture.

  • Now we change URL to this

“N” means normal picture ,When you change “S” to “N” you will see a bigger picture.

  • Now change “S” to “Q” to see smaller picture.
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