Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How to send 5 free SMS msgs to MTN from your cellphone (Cell C/Vodacom/Virgin)


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8:19 AM me: morning

8:22 AM Defza: mornn

me: mtn up&running?

Defza: yeah

8:25 AM me: index2.php?

Defza: no, its public /mtn u should register on mtn.co.za if u havn’t already

8:27 AM oh yes, i must still do add contact thingy!


He’s done it again. We’ve been sending free sms msgs from wap.defza.com/voda (Vodacom4me) & wap.defza.com/cellc (Cell C).

Users from any network (Virgin Mobile too?) are allowed to send 5 free sms messages from the MTN site daily. Thanks to DefZA we’re now allowed to do this straight from our phones default web browser or opera mini.
Have a look at wap.defza.com/mtn from the web on your mobile phone for more info :)
Free converstations, free sms when are the free calls coming? Number portability 1st, free calls 2nd ;)


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