Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zune Touch To Hit Sometime This Summer?


While the picture to the left is confirmed to be a fake. We may know what the actual “Zune touch” will look like sometime this summer. My source is a user by the name of VolvoShine on twitter. He said the following in a few different tweets.

“Just got some awesome Zune news.. nothing I can share just yet.. but still cool”

@Shadoblak don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough

@girlscallmematt close but no cigar, but you’ve touched on the right idea

@Cruleworld lets just call him a trusted source… and this is not through the grapevine… Everything he told me has been right so far

@zunecards why so touchy… lol

@TheMBC I would expect a touch of summer to be left in the air

Notice the odd over mentioning of the word “touch”? He also uses the word summer in that last tweet. So for now this is just a rumor, but I trust VolvoShine so I’d exspect something to show up sometime this coming summer.

[image credit AnythingbutiPod]

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