Friday, April 3, 2009

4 Must See Feedburner Alternatives for Your Blog


Since Feedburner has been bought up by Google, many aspiring coders wonder if it’s even worth the effort to try and create an alternative. Fortunately, that hasn’t kept them from trying to create some unique plugins and services that do what Feedburner can’t (or isn’t any good at). If you’re tired of Feedburner’s limitations and would like to look into other solutions, check out these four Feedburner alternatives.

1. FeedBlitz - It brings together RSS feeds and email marketing into one fast-loading, lean system. Setting up your feed and email is a simple, step by step process. Feedblitz is currently the closest thing to an alternative that Feedburner has and is used by sites like Lifehacker, Metacafe, Seth Godin’s blog and Copyblogger.

2. Create Your Own - Samir Bharadwaj has compiled a list of Wordpress plugins you can download for free to create your own type of Feedburner specifically for your blog. The upside to doing this is that your RSS feed is in your control rather than in control of a third party service that can be unreliable. This is also a good option for the technically-inclined who are hesitant about Google’s monopoly on what could be the most profitable area of your blog.

3. Feedity - Feedity is a service that lets you create your own mashups (using Yahoo Pipes), publish RSS feeds and combine them. There are different levels of accounts from free to pro. The free and premium accounts give you basic stat tracking while the pro account (at $369 per year) gives you more advanced tracking and refining options for your RSS details.

4. RapidFeeds - Still in beta, RapidFeeds lets you publish, track and schedule your RSS feeds as well as password-protect private or paid feeds. Update your feeds without uploading it each time as well as monitor its performance and traffic. While the feed monitoring isn’t as advanced as Feedburner’s, you can still find out vital information about your RSS feed from one user-friendly interface.

Try any of these Feedburner alternatives to see which one suits your needs. If you know of another alternative to Feedburner, please post it below in the comments section.

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