Monday, April 13, 2009

How to Create a Forum on a custom domain



  • Register a domain (or subdomain) at a PHP host.
  • Go to or and download their PHP forum software. Another great one to download is Integramod. This is a standard copy of phpBB, but it comes with many mods. You can get it at
  • Download an FTP Client and use it to upload all your PHP content to your host.
  • Create a MySQL database on your host through the control panel.
  • Go to to install and configure your forums.
  • In your FTP client, go to config.php > Properties and set the CHMOD settings to 666 (if you are using phpBB 2).
  • Follow the instructions on install.php.
  • After finishing installation, go to the CHMOD settings of config.php again and set them to 644 (if you are using phpBB 2).
  • Delete the install and contrib directories.
  • Go to
  • Login and go to the admin panel to customize your forums.
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