Saturday, April 11, 2009

Post to Your Blog from Microsoft Office Word 2007


Update: If you want to Publish Posts to Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog through MS Word 2007, see this post.

While browsing around the menus in Office Word 2007, I stumbled upon the ‘Publish’ option, and I was thrilled! Well, it’s actually possible to publish to your WordPress blog from Microsoft Word 2007 itself. That is so cool! And it’s not just WordPress, supported platforms include Blogger, SharePoint, Windows Live Spaces, TypePad, etc.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can set up Microsoft Word 07 to publish posts to your blog:
•Start MS Word 2007, click on the Office Logo on the top left of the screen and select ‘New‘.
•Click ‘New Blog Post‘ and click ‘Create’.
•Click ‘Register Now‘ in the dialog that appears to get started.
•Choose your provider. I chose WordPress.
•Click ‘Next’ and type in your blog URL, username and password
•Click the button ‘Picture Options’ which is present in the bottom left of the dialog
•If you want to upload photos to your own FTP server, choose the option ‘My own Server‘
•In Upload URL, type in the FTP address of the location where the images should be uploaded
•In Source URL, type in the HTTP address of the location where the images are stored
•Press OK and when all’s well you’ll get a confirmation message telling the process was successful.
•You can now write blog posts in Word 2007 itself, specify categories and publish them using the button on the top left.

This post was actually written using Word 2007, and I had absolutely no problems using it. I could add categories and images. Try it and let me know your views in the comments.


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