Monday, April 20, 2009

Publish to Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog through MS Word 2007


Earlier I had talked on how you could use Microsoft Office Word 2007 to publish posts to, Blogger, TypePad etc. But when I started my new blog, I could not find a trick anywhere in the web to publish posts to a self hosted Blog. So this is when I decided to write this post.

First of all select Other in New Blog Account Window and click Next.

Go to the Settings - Writing Section of your WP blog and enable XML-RPC under Remote Publishing.

Now go back to Word and select API as MetaWebLog. Then enter your Blog Post Url in the form or if your blog is in a subdirectory.(Note: When you type this URL on the address bar of your browser you should get a message like 'XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.' and not Page Not Found.)
Now enter the username and password of your WP blog.

You're done. Click OK and Enjoy!


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