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Set SMS reminders with Launchy

Again we're using a batch file and Twitter. This time it's a handy Twitter app called timer that lets you set SMS reminders. To set it up:

  1. Open the timer.bat file in your favorite text editor.
  2. On the third line, replace username:password with your Twitter username and password and save the file.*
  3. Now just add timer as a friend on Twitter and you're ready to go.

Any time you want to set up a timed SMS reminder for yourself, just invoke Launchy, type timer, hit Tab, and enter something like 'call mom in 45.' In 45 minutes you'll get an SMS reminder on the phone you've set up with Twitter.

Append text to files with Launchy

Being able to append text to a plain text file on-the-fly with Quicksilver gets me through my day, and now you can do the same with Launchy. Appending text to a file doesn't require Twitter (ahh....), but it does use another batch file. This method comes from the Making the Ordinary weblog, and I've included it in the download above. To use it, you need to have a place you want to capture a list in text. The default in the add.bat file is C:\todo\todo.txt. If you want to keep your list elsewhere, just change the first (and only) line of the batch file to match the path to your file.

Whenever you want to add a line to your text file, type add, hit Tab, and type your to-do. When you hit enter, the text will automagically be appended to your todo.txt file.

Twit with Launchy

Finally, if you're actually a Twitter user, the twit.bat file should take care of you. Just open it up and change the username and password to match your own like above. Then you can update your Twitter status by invoking Launchy, typing twit, entering your status, and hitting Enter.


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