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From: The Desktop of Alvin Phang
Date: March 12, 2008

To: Anyone Serious About Making Money From Blogging,

After well over 18 months of blogging online, generating more then 25,000 visitors per month in just one blog simple blog. I have finally found a very powerful and unique method of making money from blogging.

Known as the Atomic Blogging system. This powerful system will short cut all the unnecessary struggles of helping you make money from your blog faster and dominate your market in no time … even if you're a complete newbie, starting with no list, no technical expertise
and have no idea what to do.

And if you're already a blogger but are not making good money from your blog yet, you will learn easy-to-follow secret tricks of the trade that will finally break down the money barrier, opening the floodgates for profits to come pouring in.

When you use the Atomic Blogging system that I've laid out for you in detail, your blog will go nuclear and obliterate other competitors. This is the Weapon of Mass Domination every blogger who wants to make money must have!

But before that, to ensure that I produce an excellent product, unlike so many other 'hypey' stuff on the market, I've asked several famous and successful pro-bloggers and Internet Marketing gurus to check out Atomic Blogging and my blog. Here are excerpts of what they say:


"You're One Of Those 'Undiscovered' Blogging Experts. Atomic Blogging Is A Great Step-By-Step, No-Fluff Blueprint!"

"Hi Alvin, many people may not know this but you're really one of those 'undiscovered' blogging experts who are quietly making a good living from blogging.

Atomic Blogging is a great step-by-step guide for people who seek to learn and profit from their own blogs. I enjoyed it and it's a straight-forward, no-fluff blueprint which will help many new bloggers. Good job!"


- Ewen Chia
World's #1 SuperAffiliate, raked in
over $1Million in 72 hours!




"Alvin Is A Successful Blogger. I Feel There Is a Huge Market For Alvin's Product."

"Alvin Phang is a fellow blogger and a pretty successful one at that. The package contains a bunch of e-products, with the main one being the Atomic Blogging eBook and a 60 minutes audio interview with Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur's Journey.

I feel there is a huge market for Alvin's product. The audio interview with Yaro was very good and I say that's worth the price in itself."

- John Chow
The famous blog monetizer & 5-figure pro-blogger




"Atomic Blogging Is A Great Product. This Would Have Been A Goldmine For Me."

"Atomic Blogging is a great product… for newbies who don't have a blog yet or to those people who really don't know what to do next and/or tired of researching the things that you need to do.

I'd say that this would have been a goldmine for me if this was available then when I started. The small price for the BIG package is totally worth it.

So yeah, I highly recommend Atomic Blogging if you're just starting your own blog right now, you won't regret it!"

- Carl Ocab

The kid blogger that managed to grab
Goggle's #1 spot for the search keyphrase
"Make Money Online"




"One Technique Drove 200 More Hits In 24Hrs!"

"A great guide for people who just started blogging and want to get lot of traffic to your site. Just by applying one of the techniques in the ebook, I manage to drive 200 more hits to my blog within the next 24hrs. I tell you I was amazed. A really easy to read guide. Great Job Alvin!"

- John Tan




"Alvin Is Always Testing New Things When It Comes To Blogging And Blog Marketing"

"I was happy to give Alvin an interview. He's always testing new things when it comes to blogging and blog marketing so he is in a position to teach me a thing or two."

- Yaro Starak

Very popular & profitable superstar pro-blogger




"Alvin Has A Wealth Of Unique Ideas I Found Extremely Interesting!"

"Alvin Phang has a wealth of unique ideas on his blog that I found extremely interesting.

I spent a fair amount of time reading Alvin's blog, and I am now a subscriber. I am sure most bloggers and marketers will pick up some useful ideas, not only from the content Alvin creates, but also in how he is doing things in a much more organised manner than many blogs in the same niche."

- Andy Beard

Very well-established, highly regarded



And many other raving reviews. The fact is, Atomic Blogging is a must have for anyone who wants to make good money from blogging.

Before you go on…

Is Blogging Really A Good Way To Make A Good Income?

Let's take a look at a revealing statistic.

While some cynics have claimed that blogging is a fad and is dying off, actual solid data is proving otherwise! And indications show that the trend is still in the early stages of growth and is going to go ballistic! Claiming a record high figure of 115 Millions Blogs & rising online.

Why is blogging growing at such an incredible speed? There are several good, solid reasons for this phenomenon:

Globalization has taken over all corners of the world and people want to interact and communicate with each other.

Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate ideas on the Internet (world's stage).

It's much easier to set up and maintain compared to a 'traditional' site.

Blogging makes it easy to build a brand and a loyal fan base in your target market.

It's easy to make money from your blog, when you know the exact techniques.

Search engines like Google loves blogs and often rank blog contents high in their search results.

And many other great reasons.

But one of the main reasons (I personally think it's the most important one) why blogging has exploded on the Internet is because from all of the web 2.0 interfaces…

Blogging Is One Of The Easiest To Set Up And
Pulls In The Most Money!

You might have noticed that all Internet Marketing gurus have scrambled and jumped on the blogging bandwagon as soon as they saw the incredible benefits of blogging.

John Reese, a multi-millionaire Internet Marketing guru respected by his peers, is so convinced that blogging is the future that he actually created a widget especially for bloggers. If you know John's reputation of being right, you will understand how this move is such a huge vote on the future of blogging.

Just recently, Rich Schefren, the guru of gurus in Internet Marketing, wrote in his Attention Age Doctrine that the old way of marketing is dying, and is being replaced by the next wave marketing, led in the forefront by blogging.

Even established big-name MNCs have also started blogging to interact with their consumers! This shows that no matter what industry or niche market you want to go into, blogging is one of the most powerful weapons you can use to dominate your market.

As you can see, NOW is the right time for you to start making money from blogging.

Sadly, Most Blogs Don't Make It!

As with any kind of business, there are right ways and wrong ways of making money from your blog. The big problem is: most aspiring bloggers simply jump on the bandwagon... blindly!

They get excited about the huge potential of blogging and just start a blog in the hopes of making some money fast… only to be sorely disappointed. And end up feeling bitter after a few months of hard work, making only small change (if they are lucky) or none at all.

This is because there are many forms of blogging. Personal blogging. Corporate blogging. Blogging to broadcast information. Blogging for fun. And many other forms of blogging. And of course, blogging to make money.

All of the different forms of blogging behave differently. And to make money from your blog, you must follow a specific structure and know how to set up your blog for that specific purpose—make money for you.

From choosing the right blogging platform, the theme for your blog, the plugins to use, the social sites to bookmark, SEO (search engine optimization) for your blog, to the kind of content you must publish in your blog, all those elements must follow the 'make money' structure.

(By the way, if you don't understand these technical terms, don't worry. Atomic Blogging is written in everyday, simple English, without the technical jargon. That's why it keeps getting raving testimonials from my customers. Just read on below and you will get a clearer picture.)

Let's take one aspect of blogging as an example for you to understand the complexity of the process I talked about above.

How To Generate Massive, Targeted Traffic
For Your Blog

If you think that just by writing and posting your articles on your blog, you will automatically generate traffic to your blog, you're totally mistaken!

You must get your article noticed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Submitting to the various search engines and also to the many article directories will ensure that the article gets a better chance of getting a high rank in the search engines.

Here's a simple diagram that represents this part of the process:

As you can imagine, this can be a very complex process for those who don't know how to do it. And even if you know what to do, this is a very time consuming process that sucks your energy and time. And most of all, it's just very boring and NOT fun. Trust me, I did that before I discovered the much easier and more effective way.

That's why in Atomic Blogging I show you not only how to get your articles listed in the search engines fast, but I also show you how you can automate the whole process to make it much easier and effective, without the painful hassles.

This alone will make your blog attract swarms of targeted traffic, within a short period of time. And as you might already know, more targeted traffic = more money.

But it's much more than that! Introducing…

Atomic Blogging:
The Weapon of Mass Domination!

It's a complete and highly detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step roadmap that will transform you from a complete
'I-don't-know-anything' newbie to a profitable blogger in as fast as the next 72 hours!

In Atomic Blogging I hold nothing back and expose the exact secret techniques pro-bloggers use to rake in loads of money every single month. I even reveal some other ultra secret techniques I've personally developed that even pro-bloggers don't even know!

I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true. Even 'hypey'. I totally understand, after all most of other products rely on pure hype to sell while giving little value. So instead of trying to explain to you in words, I thought it's much better to show you actual results!

I applied the exact same strategies I share in Atomic Blogging and here are the results:

Over 28,000 Related Sites To My Name…
And Still Growing!

Achieved Enviable Rankings Most Blogs
Only Dream About!

Cracked Opened The Floodgates Of Traffic
In Less Than 1 Month!

When was the last time you saw that kind of growth in a blog? And if you think that's amazing for one month, see what happened in the next few months…

The Blog Went Atomic Nuclear!

From 4,926 unique visitors to 20,215 in a month and the numbers kept exploding! That's what I mean when I said 'Going Nuclear'! Just imagine if that's happening to your blog right now, how would you feel?

Excited? Proud? Ecstatic? I felt those wonderful feelings, and still do, as my blog continues to grow. And you can experience the same addictive high of watching your blog numbers rise when you apply the Atomic Blogging strategies.

But what good is all these massive, snowballing, never-ending traffic if they don't translate to money in your pocket right? That's why Atomic Blogging shows you how you can monetize your blog to get these kinds of results:

Above Is From Just One Of My Payment Processors! Following Are A Few More With Recent Activities.

Here's The Kind Of Income You Can Be Making!

All of those happened only after I started applying the Atomic Blogging strategies to my own blog. It's a pity that most people struggle to make a decent income from their blogs.

They don't know the secrets & science of getting guaranteed TOP search engine results.

They don't know the right ways to drive massive, never-ending, highly-targeted traffic to their blogs.

They don't know the quick and easy way to convert traffic into windfalls of cash in record time!

 If only they know how easy it is… BUT you can avoid wasting your time, energy, effort and eventually getting disillusioned like the rest of them if you follow the right 'make money' structure and strategies from the start.

The problem is, most bloggers that fail don't want to invest in learning the right ways to make money from blogging. They keep thinking…

"But… I Can Get All These Information For Free
From The Internet, Right?"

It's no wonder they are failing because…

There is just too much (mis)information, hype, junk, fillers and even cr@p floating around on the Internet. Many of them from bloggers who are struggling themselves! Following the wrong strategy will sabotage your efforts big time. Worse! You won't even know which is the right or wrong advice.

Only a handful of really profitable pro-bloggers are sharing good information. But because of the nature of blogging, they can only share bits and pieces of one strategy per article/posting. And they jumped all over the place. It's almost impossible to get a comprehensive, detailed, step-by-step type of advice that you can apply immediately to your blog.

Even if you spend weeks to collect all the articles these bloggers have posted, you won't know which step comes first, second, third, etc. Screwing up the process can screw up the ENTIRE 'make money' structure.

This 'search-and-learn-everything-myself' attitude will waste weeks, months, some even years… only to end up with mediocre results or none at all! Even currently successful pro-bloggers took months to figure out how to turn on the money tap when they started, because there wasn't any comprehensive guide back then.

But you don't have to go through all those struggles, frustration and despair anymore. Just imagine, what if you can suddenly possess all the expert knowledge and money-making secrets of those successful pro-bloggers?

In the next few minutes you can literally download those critical but highly 'hush-hushed' secrets right onto your screen. With Atomic Blogging you will have all the necessary knowledge and tools to be a profitable blogger in just days!

The pros are willing to invest in the right knowledge to cut short their way to success because they understand that time is money. The only difference between them and you right now is simply the right knowledge. And they know that the ultimate leverage is…

The Right Knowledge = Money-Making Power

Here's more of what John Chow has to say about Atomic Blogging:


"Setting Up Wordpress For Dummies!"

"Alvin goes into great detail on how to set up a Wordpress blog from scratch. Alvin's eBook goes to great lengths (complete with screen shots) to show step-by-step how to install the Wordpress theme and plugins.

I give Alvin credit for creating this. I would not have the patience to explain those basic, taken-for-granted steps in such detail."

- John Chow

The famous blog monetizer &
5-figure pro-blogger


After covering the easy-to-follow, step-by-step basics of setting up your blog, I take it a few notches higher and show you some advanced techniques that really make your blog go nuclear! Here's what Carl Ocab has to say:


"Driving Traffic & Making Money: Atomic Blogging Covers Traffic Tips, Web 2.0 Systems and SEO In Detail."

"It's not really all about setting up a blog, it also covers some traffic tips that most bloggers don't know, web 2.0 traffic systems and of course, some search engine optimization too.

Alvin will be explaining it to you in detail. He won't miss an atom! He also discussed some AdSense stuff and affiliate marketing."

- Carl Ocab

The kid blogger that managed to grab
Goggle's #1 spot for the search keyphrase
"Make Money Online"


You Can Choose to Experience A Better Lifestyle and Witness Immeasurable Improvements in Traffic & Rankings With Your Blogs Right Now!

So why me? In most cases... you may not have even heard of me!

But for one very good reason you can trust me -- and that's because I practice what I preach

Look, I don't simply tell you stuff unless they truly work like gangbusters.

Although I eat, sleep and breathe making profits from blogging coming from a very technicial background, I'm going to show you the fastest, easiest way (without all the unecessary long-theories stuff) and real practical steps to use Atomic Blogging in making your own avalanches of wealth in baby steps!

Now honestly ask yourself:

Do you want to learn from someone who would just outsource all his teachings and take all your hard-earned money for it, or someone who has a solid 3 years of technical IT background to coach you -- having you make MORE money than you'd expect yourself to get?

As You Unveil the Breakthrough Secrets of
Atomic Blogging, You'll Learn...

How to Get Extremely High Traffic Domain Names With This FREE Simple Tool Most Internet Millionaires Don't Want You To Know About!

An Untold Secret Why 99% Of Internet Marketers Fail Online And How You Can Prevent This From Happening On You...

A Secret Way of  How Experts Find Domain Names That Give You Instant Traffic And Cash Within 24 Hours!

Finally REVEALED! Tools And Step-By-Step Guide Revealing How To Discover The Right Niches And Products In Only 120 Minutes Or LESS!

A Closely Guarded Secret To Set Up Your Website In Minutes That Programmers Don't Want You To Know!  (Yes! Even A Beginner With NO Computer Knowledge Can Do It In 10 Minutes Or LESS!)

STOP Paying Others To Do Simple Tasks Of Updating Your Websites In A Flash! I Will Show You In Just 4 Pages With Detailed Steps To Upload Files The Quick And Easy Way

How You Can Literally Exploit The Up And Coming Web 2.0 Trend (This alone will help you to outrank and rake in much more profits than other blogs!)

The Wordpress Secret You Can Use To Quickly And Easily Boost Your Blogs Rankings!

Finally Revealed—Secret Proven
Steps Pro-Bloggers Use To Consistently Get Massive Amount of Traffic.

Covert Techniques To Make Your Blog Irresistible To ALL the Search Engines.

A Secret SEO Formula That Guarantees Top 10 Ranking In The Search Engines (It Took Me 16 Months To Research And Crack This Code!) When You Master This, You Can Start Charging People Thousands Of Dollars To Search Engine Optimize For THEM!

One Tiny "Tweak" That Increased My Rankings From PR1 to PR4 Overnight (And How You Can Do It Too In the Next 15 Minutes!)

How To Generate Thousands Of Real (This Has to Be Emphasized) Back Links To Your Blog And Website Without Much Hard Work And Start Increasing Your Technorati Ranking Within A Week!

REVEALED: Free Personal Resources You Can Use To Get Hundreds Of Free Quality Content For Your Blog Instantly!

How One Simple Atomic Blogging Module Got My Content Indexed Within 24 Hours In All Major Search Engines.

The 5 Atomic Nuclear Traffic Strategies That Will Explode Your Traffic. The Same Strategies That Are Driving Over 50,000 Unique Visitors To My Blog Every Single Month!

6 Advanced SEO Techniques I Used To Get Top Search Engines Rankings In Record Time (They May Be Advanced, But You'll Know How to Do It In Only 15 Minutes!)

Tons of Examples Showing You The Step-by-Step Process To Drive Steady, Massive and Targeted Traffic To Your Blog Quickly (Traffic That Snowballs Over Time!)

Sick of Putting Hours And Hours Of Effort To Write Or Create Content For Your Blog? Discover These 2 Rarely-Talked About Secret Resources That Will Help You Automate This Tedious Process… For FREE!

Step-By-Step Tutorials That Show You How To Monetize Your Blog With AdSense And How To Get 30% CTR (Click Through Rate) For Your Blog Pages.

A Simple Formula To Create Cash Right-Away Without A Product Or A Website Of Your Own!

Work Smarter And Spend More Time With Your Family Using Legal Underground Tools That Updates Your Content With A Push Of A Button (yes, and IT ONLY TAKES 5 MINUTES!)

Learn How You Can Steal And Wipe Powerful Ads From Your Competitors All For Free Without Paying For Expensive Software

Learn A Simple Tactic I Use To Directly Steal & Track Your Competitor's Keyword List

And Much, Much More! 

There are just too many things to describe here. The above are just the tip of the iceberg of the power of Atomic Blogging!

"Get Preview Chapers Of Atomic
Blogging 2.0 Guide Today, Your
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Fill In Your First Name And Email To
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Mind you, Atomic Blogging is NOT about theories, my personal blogging philosophies or untested ideas. These are absolute strategies that do work… like gangbusters!

Here's what people who have gotten their hands on Atomic Blogging and experienced its raw nuclear power have to say.


"Your Approach To Blogging Is Like Nothing I've Ever Seen. From 2,000 Visitors A Month To Well Over 20,000! I'm Speechless!"

"Hi Alvin,

Your blog and your approach to blogging are like nothing I've ever seen. At first I thought what you were claiming was bull, but when I saw your blog traffic jump from 2,000 visitors a month to well over 20,000. I was speechless.

You're no joke man. What you teach can be found nowhere. You've severely under priced this offer my friend and to anyone who luckily happens upon it my advice is to get this course now before Alvin gets wise.

As far as network marketing is concerned online your blog is your most important real estate. My blog personally has caused my team to grow to almost 6,000 people in less than two years without me even being wise to its true potential, but you've given me an entirely new explosive outlook.

Gotta get back to beefing up my blog. I'm amazed speechless here and that doesn't happen very often."

- Daegan Smith

The King Of Never Calling A Single Lead
Washington DC, USA




"Great Resource For Someone Who Wants To Start Making Money With A Blog… Would've Saved Me Months & Research!"

"Alvin, I've read through your Atomic Blogging product and it's very well put together.

This would be a great resource for someone new starting out who wants to start making some money with a blog.

If I had this book years ago when I started out, it would have saved me months of time and research reading through various forums.

It's obvious you spent a lot of time on this and it's great that you used so many screen shots to help guide new bloggers through the steps. Well done!"

- Ryan 'Dravis' Knowles
Owner of one of the Top 30 Most Popular social site




"What Alvin Just Revealed Is Simply Something New!"

"I have been blogging for 1 year but what Alvin just revealed in his book is simply something new to me. Having said that, people like me who don't have technical background will be able to leverage on his SEO & traffic generation method. You don't need to be tech- savvy like Alvin but still can do as good as him right NOW!"


- Steven Wong




"Atomic Blogging Has Many Fresh New Ideas I've Not Seen Before. It's Far More Superior Than Other Products."

"I have bought quite a few blogging products. But when I got Alvin Phang's Atomic Blogging I was very delighted. It is easy to understand, well laid out and has many fresh new ideas that I have not seen before. It shows you how to get your blog to the top of your niche.

Atomic Blogging is far more superior than the other products I have bought. Not only is it full of very useful information without any fluff, but it also comes with plugins and some great bonuses.

This Atomic Blogging product is great for newbies as everything is explained in an easy to understand manner. Seasoned bloggers will also learn about the new concepts that Alvin points to.

Thank you Alvin for a great product and I look forward to the useful follow up e-mail letters that you send also."

- Sandra Hedditch




"Detailed Description With Pictures So You Know How To Do It Right Away!"

"What differentiates Atomic Blogging from the others is that it gives you all the detailed descriptions with pictures so that you know how to do it right away.

Instead of downloading all the plugins and templates (that is necessary for traffic and SEO by yourself, Atomic Blogging also provides everything for you, making blogs easy to set up.

In short, there's nothing better than Atomic Blogging."

- George Tee




"You Show The Latest Way To Make Money From Blogs"

" Alvin Phang's Atomic Blogging 2 is the most comprehensive and targeted system for newcomers and experienced bloggers

Alvin speaks with a teacher's voice, sincerely interested in getting folks up and running with a monetized blog as quickly as possible.

He provides tons of information and yet he organizes it and trims it down so as not to create any information overload or confusion. This is the one must-have manual for anyone interested in blogging the right way from the start.

Thank you Alvin for such a great ebook.


- Todd Gross




"Set Your Website Into Explosion… It Works!"

"This Atomic Blogging is going to set your website into explosion... and the practical step-by-step strategies that Alvin shows you are going to get your residual traffic over a period of time. Read it as many times as you can, but Use It and take massive action.
It works!

- Roy Phay




"This Is The Real Stuff From Real Experience And Research."

"This Atomic Blogging report is unlike many other Internet Marketers' report.

Alvin did not regurgitate the content, this is the real stuff from his real experience and research. I testify it.  Grab this before he changes his mind and increases the price."


- Steve




"Packed With So Much Good Content It Exploded My Mind To The Countless Possibilities! Better Than Any Dummies Guide To Blogging."

"When I first received the Atomic Blogging course, I was expecting it would be another "common" blogging quick rich guide out in the market!

It has never passed my mind for this course to be packed with so much good content! I've never been an active blogger but this resource is packed with so much good information that it literally exploded my mind to the countless possibilities
Atomic Blogging can bring me in terms of business opportunities and connecting to the customers.

Alvin has put it into a step-by-step guide that clearly explains it much better than any Dummies Guide to Blogging.

If you're new to blogging or have yet to make money from blogging, grab this now and stop leaving money on the table!

- Joel Chue, Mastermind Groups Expert



Now you've seen the amazing real-life results. You've also read the incredible testimonials. It's time for you to get the nuclear advantage now… before others realize it!

Alvin, I'm Convinced. I Want To Start Seeing Targeted Traffic And Money Flooding My Blog In The Next Few Days! How Much Is The Investment?

Great. I've spent literally thousand of dollars to learn, experiment, test and discover the Weapon of Mass Domination Secrets contained in Atomic Blogging. Not to mention the months that I've spent on sieving through all the cr@p and junk just to uncover the nuclear strategies.

So tell me, how much do you think a month of your time is worth? That's because, without Atomic Blogging you will probably be wasting your precious time, energy and effort trying to research the strategies and techniques yourself, in vain. Is it good use of your time? Wouldn't you rather start making money already?

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At an incredible rock-bottom price, the Atomic Blogging system that can help you open up the money tap is already a great bargain in itself. But I strongly believe in the principle of over-delivering, so I'm going to add more valuable RELEVANT bonuses to make it just plain irresistible and a no-brainer for you…

Limited Fast Action Bonuses
(I Reserve The Rights To Pull/Change These Bonuses At Anytime!)

Bonus #1:

Interview with Yaro Starak (61:22 Minutes)

(Worth US$97)

Yaro is an incredibly inspirational and successful blogger. He has recently experienced a meteoric rise in the blogging world. John Chow said earlier that this interview alone is worth the price of Atomic Blogging system itself!

I literally grilled Yaro to reveal some of his secrets that he only shares with his high-paying clients. You get it here FREE!

Topics Covered:

- How Yaro Started & His Quick And Easy Guide To Starting Your Blog.
- Things To Lookout For To Avoid Getting Banned From Blogger & Wordpress.
- Yaro's Multiple Ways To Monetize Your Blog!
- Getting Multiple Streams Of Incomes From Your Blogs...
- How To Build Readership For Your Blog From Zero To 500 Readers!
- Press Release Secrets That Captures Attraction For Your Blogs.
- Critical Tips On Writing Content For Your Blog
- SECRET TIPS He Used To Get 500 Readers Daily in 6 Months! This Tip Alone Is Worth The Whole CALL!
- What NOT To Do That Can Sabotage Your Efforts.
- The One Secret You MUST Know To Start Making Money Online.
- And much, much more!


Bonus #2:

Atomic Blogging Nuclear Module Pack
(Worth US$197)


- SEO Plugins

- Google Sitemap Generator
- Tagging Plugins

- Tracking Plugins
- Linking Plugins
- Customized Sidebar Plugin
- And much, much more!

These plugins are unlike any plugins you've seen out there. These are carefully handpicked to improve your blog traffic and popularity. With these complete set of plugins, your blog will be optimized and equipped with the cutting-edge profit system superior to your competitors!


Bonus #3:

Atomic Blogging Private Label Rights Pack – Vol. 1
(Worth US$194)

You will get 2 highly-valued, in-demand products for you to sell instantly. Comes complete with the eBooks, graphics and salespages.


AdSense Revenue Exposed
(Value - US$97.00)

This step-by-step guide will help you unlock the secrets of generating huge Adsense checks, each and every month.

You will learn the tricks to creating a website Google will love, and the exact format and placement of your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)!

Click here for a detailed description about this product

Bloggers Guide To Profits
(Value - US$97.00)

You don't need to be a computer expert (or spend a lot of money) to use the secret weapon even major corporations use to build their business.

This special report will show you how to create your own blog and use it to build passion for your brand, boost sales and conquer the search engines.

Click here for a detailed description about this product


Bonus #4

Atomic Blogging Master Resell Rights Pack - Vol 1
(Valued US$97)

These videos are unlike any videos you've seen out there. You get to keep the Master Resell Rights, which means that you can sell this and keep all the profits for yourself.

14 Barking Traffic Videos - that can send you HUGE TRAFFIC TO ANY WEBSITE Videos Includes:

Video 1 - Keyword Research
Video 2 - Ebay Traffic
Video 3 - Article Traffic
Video 4 - Web Directory Traffic
Video 5 - On Page SEO
Video 6 - Forum Traffic
Video 7 - Blog Traffic
Video 8 - IPod Casting
Video 9 - RSS
Video 10 - Stumble Upon
Video 11 - Squidoo
Video 12 - Video Sites
Video 13 - Social Networking Sites
Video 14 - The Secret Site

These videos are unlike any videos you seen out there plus you will get to master resell rights.

Click here for a detailed description about this product


Bonus #5

eWriter Pro Master Resell Rights Pack - Vol 1
(Valued US$97)

Like to write a book to give a free gift for your blog? Now you can can with the powerful eWriter Pro which also comes with Master Resell Rights!



- Save & Compile PDF
- Type your ebook document
- Create compiling links with anchor text
- Insert graphics and images to your ebook
and much more!


Click here for a detailed description about this product


Bonus #6

Atomic Blogging Theme - Version 3.0
(Valued US$27)

On top of the package, you will be getting the World's First Widget Ready Header Boxes Wordpress theme that you can use on any self-hosted Wordpress blog to boost your traffics and profits online.

The theme is design to be installed with ease, which means all you need to do is upload it to your server, login to your Wordpress account, enter your MyBlogLog ID, Clickbank ID & Adsense ID and you are ready to go!

Also included is a video tutorial just incase if you need that extra help.

This is a spcially created theme that you will not be able to get else where. Here are the full features of the amazing "Atomic Blogging" Theme:

Advanced SEO Titles & URL Tagging

No need complicated plugins to ensure your blog is friendly to search engines. Our Atomic Blogging theme comes with advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) titles & url tagging to get better search engine rankings and tons of free targeted traffic!

Flexiable Navigation Bar

Add more pages to your blog with ease with compatiable Wordpress navigation pages.

World's First Widget Ready Header Boxes

Like to add a opt-in box to your header or add an announcement to your blog? You can easily do it with our Atomic Blogging theme which is compactable with Wordpress Widgets.

Adsense Ready Theme

Got an Adsense account? Just plug-in your Adsense ID and it will automatically place your Adsense Ads on all pages of the blog.

Integrated Social Buttons

Get more traffic from your blogs with integrated buttons on every post with Digg, Delicious & an RSS button for readers to subscribe to your blog.

MyBlogLog Ready Theme

Install MyBlogLog with ease by entering your ID in the setup. Leverage of the power of by showing the faces of the latest visitors on your blog.

Click Here To See Live In Action


Bonus #7

Atomic Blogging Keyword Research Tool

(Valued US$47) (NEW!)

Ever since the removal of Overture / Yahoo Keyword Research many marketers are facing problems trying to do their keyword research as it makes it harder to avoid paying for expensive software just to get started.

Most keyword research tools really are costly which can cost as high as US$50 to start with. However quite frankly you do not need expensive software to do your research. The Atomic Blogging Keyword Research Tool does it just as good, if not better!


Here's A Screenshot of it:

Features Include:

- Enter a main keyword and generate floods of related keywords
- Gather keywords research searches results per month data in a neat listing
- Search Google, Yahoo and MSN for total amount of competitors using that keyword
- Add your own sets of keywords into the software to gather data
- Ability to export your keywords to your computer for later references, or for use with other types of SEO software!
and much more!


Bonus #8

Atomic Blogging Lifetime Membership

(Valued US$297) (NEW!)

You get unlimited lifetime updates when you order Atomic Blogging now. This means that whenever there are new breakthroughs that I discover or any other valuable changes that adds value to you, you will get them for FREE.

As you know, the Internet changes very fast. This is a great way for you to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and profit from them early.

Membership Includes:

- Lifetime free upgrades & updates
- No more expensive upgrade fees
- Get weekly email newsletter updates
- Access to Atomic Blogging forums
and much more!


Bonus #9

Atomic Blogging Social Bookmarking Plugin
- Version 2.0 (Valued US$197) (NEW!)
(To Be Released Only In April 2008)

Have you heard of social bookmarking sites? Well leverage the power of social networks with the Atomic Blogging Social Bookmarking Plugin Version 2.0.

Design as Wordpress Plugin, you will be able to submit to many social bookmarking sites everytime you submit a post on your blog.


- Ability to submit up to 13 Social Bookmarking Sites Automatically
- Atomic Blogging Random Engine Submission
- 99.95% Success Rate of Delivery
- Total Whitehat Submission Friendly To Search Engines
- Get your word out and get more traffic for your site!

and much more!

In Total Here's What You'll Get:





Atomic Blogging Guide Book



Interview with Yaro Starak



Atomic Blogging Nuclear Module Pack



Atomic Blogging Private Label Rights Pack - Vol 1



Atomic Blogging Private Master Resell Rights Pack
- Vol 1



eWriter Pro with Master Resell Rights Pack



Atomic Blogging Theme Version 3.0



Atomic Blogging Keyword Research Tool 1.0



Atomic Blogging Lifetime Membership



Atomic Blogging Social Bookmarking Plugin Version 2.0





But Wait, There's More!

I'm so confident that you will receive tremendous value from Atomic Blogging and these bonuses, and will experience instant results that I'm going to take all your risk away with...

I can't be fairer than that. So now it's really up to you.

Are you really serious about setting up your blog to make money, driving obscene amounts of highly-targeted traffic to your blog and monetizing your blog to start having money flood your bank account like it did mine?

If you are, you can make that an instant reality right now. Grab a copy of
Atomic Blogging at the great bargain now, while you still can!

Simply click on the "Click Here Now For Instant Access" button below and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. As soon as you placed your order, you'll get instructions on how to instant access and download the Atomic Blogging system and the whole load of bonuses.


YES Alvin, Give It To Me Now!

I Want To Start Blogging For Cash!

I understand I'll be instantly downloading all secret training materials and traffic system tools with my Atomic Blogging Package for just a measly one-time investment of $1,347,$597.00, $397.00,
$297,$97, $57
On top of that, I also understand that my investment is protected by your 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee - With that, I'm registering for my instant access below...


(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

Look, if by now you're still unsure and still considering, then considerthe fact that time is the only preciouscommodity you can't afford to lose. If you've wasted your time, it's gone.

Without Atomic Blogging, one week from now or even a month from now, you might still be at the same struggling stage… with no real traffic or money coming in. If you're lucky, you might improved your blog slightly after hours and hours of researching 'free' information.

The fact remains that one month has passed… one whole month that you could have been enjoying profits from. One month that you can't get back no matter what. That's why you notice that all successful pro-bloggers value their time.

Someone once told me that, "When I do it myself, I get better satisfaction at the end of the day." And I thought that was the most ridiculous attitude to bring to business. While that might be a great attitude for sports or anything else, it sucks for business.

In business the whole idea is to make money and profits as soon as you can, legally, morally and ethically. If learning from others or working in a team or any other ways will help you achieve your goal, you should do it. You see, it's not about you per se. It's about the goal—making money.

And if you're clear about that, then the choice is very obvious. Invest in Atomic Blogging today. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

One week from now, one month from now, you will be extremely happy that you made the right decision, as you see your blog traffic continue to explode and money actually going into your bank account.

Make the right choice and leverage your time by investing it.

To your success!

P.S. Remember, the low price marketing test I'm conducting won't last long. This is no gimmick. I will raise the price. So Grab It Now while you still can. If you come back and the price has gone up, there is nothing I can do.

P.P.S. Keep in mind that you have nothing to risk or lose. Access Atomic Blogging Risk FREE Right Now. Learn everything. Apply the secrets I reveal inside and see your blogs go nuclear! I would love to hear your success stories like the hundreds of other Atomic Blogging owners. But if you're not happy with it, you're completely protected by my Radiation Proof, Absolutely No Risk Guarantee for the next 56-Day. So test it out with peace of mind now.

Invest your time wisely by leveraging on my expertise. Spend your precious time making money, instead of wasting it 'researching'.

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