Friday, August 29, 2008

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: All about privacy


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Microsoft have a lot to work on at the moment, they are already working on Windows 7 as well as the new Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft promises that IE8 will be all about privacy, which many are already calling “porn mode.”

This is being called a great move by a privacy advocate, rival browser Mozilla has already said that they aim to bring some similar features to Firefox. Microsoft says that these features will appear in IE8 Beta 2, which should be with us this month.

There will be three new tools that will share Microsoft’s new “InPrivate” name. The best of these tools has to be “porn mode” or “InPrivate Browsing” as Microsoft prefers to call it. This new feature means that Internet Explorer 8 will not save browsing and searching history, cookies, form data and passwords. The feature will also automatically clear the browser cache at the end of your browser session.

Other tools include “InPrivate Blocking” and “InPrivate Subscription.” This will notify you of third-party content that has the ability to track your browsing history and will then subscribe to a list of sites to block.

Microsoft will also tweak their Delete Browsing History; they are to add an option so that you are able to preserve bookmarked sites, even when you have deleted cookies.


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