Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Analytics for WordPress


This plugin easily adds your Google Analytics tracking code (the new ga.js one!) to all pages within your blog. That's it's main functionality, it adds a few "extra's" though:

Tagging outgoing links
Many people are using javascript solutions to tagg all their outgoing links with an onclick urchintracker. That has two huge disadvantages:

  1. It's slower than serverside tagging of outgoing links
  2. It's impossible to segment outgoing links

This plugin adds the possibility to tag and segment all outgoing links, so you can see whether a click came from a comment or an article. You can choose where it tracks those links too! It also adds the possibility to track just the domain, instead of the complete link, so you get a better view of how much traffic you're sending where. I also have an explanation of how to extract your outbound click and download stats from Google Analytics.

If you have links in your sidebar or elsewhere that are not generated by WordPress itself, you should follow this guide to tag them so they can be tracked correctly: How to tag your outbound links for Google Analytics click tracking.

Tracking downloads
This WordPress plugin gives you the possibility to track downloads with Google Analytics based on a set of extensions you specify!

Tracking AdSense clicks
By enabling AdSense click tracking, your AdSense clicks are tracked to /outbound/asclick.

Tracking image search keywords
Based on my simple image search keyword solution, this plugin adds the possibility to track all image searches as organic and collect their keywords. Read more on how to check image search statistics and keywords and on how to create a filter for them.

Tracking original searches for Yahoo!'s Search Assistant
Yahoo!'s search assistent helps the user by suggesting better searches, you can track their original searches in some cases, by enabling the new function for that. More info on tracking searches created with Yahoo's Search Assistant.

Adding extra search engines
By default Google Analytics only tracks a select group of search engines, which might not include your local big search engine. With this plugin, you can add extra search engines to those Google Analytics tracks by default!

This plugin plays nice with Urchin as well! If you have Urchin running for your site as well, you can just check the box, and it'll add the required code.


I don't see the tag on my pages after installing the plugin?
Check whether you're logged in as an admin, if you are, by default, the plugin won't track you, and thus not add any tracking code.

I'm logged out and I still don't see the tag code on my posts or pages?
Check whether your theme calls wp_footer(); in footer.php, if it doesn't, add it.

Thank you

Thanks to Roy Huiskes and Justin Cutroni for testing this plugin!


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