Saturday, December 27, 2008

Myspace: Stop Music from Starting Automatically


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This tech-recipes describes how you can prevent the myspace music player from automatically started on your profile or when you visit the profiles of others. Finally, you can stop the autostarting myspace music!

I will be using Tech-Recipes Rex’s profile( to demonstrate. (How about adding him? He needs some friends!)

Music that starts when you visit a profile is the worst thing ever (teh evar!). This tutorial describes how to prevent music from starting automatically when you visit a profile. It also tells how to stop music on your own profile from starting when others visit.

1. Log into myspace

2. Click the Account Settings link

3. Click Change Settings under Music Settings

4. Check Disable My Player from Automatically Starting if you do not want to bug people with music automatically starting on your personal profile

5. Check Disable Band Songs From Automatically Starting if you do not want music from starting when viewing the profiles of others.

6. Click Change Settings button to save your settings


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