Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 10 freeware games for Windows Vista


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Here is our pick of 10 cool freeware games for Windows Vista.

1) Little Fighter 2 2.0

A simple yet addictive gameplay, its great replay ability and free at the point of use availability.

2) Mario Forever : Block Party 1

Stand up and fight guide Mario do the victory. Over 100 logical levels await you, filled with puzzles and helpful items like bombs or magic ladders. Many hours of fun for the whole family.

3) Icy Tower 1.3.1

Harold the Homeboy has decided to climb a huge tower he found the other day. It's up to you to help him get as high as possible without falling down, and collect extra points by doing cool moves on the way. Icy Tower is a fun and short, yet addictive game, where your only goal is to gain as many points as possible.

4) Shootiah 2.0

Shootiah game is a thrilling 3D simulator. The year 2017. The leaders of the biggest terrorist organizations have used the complicated political situation between West and Middle East to come in power in a number of Asian and North African countries by military coups.

5) Zelda Forever

A little elf will defend beautiful princess Zelda and her kingdom. Evil ghost sarcophagus comes to their planet and wants to disrupt their peace and harmony.

6) Alien Exterminator

Alien Exterminator is a 3D first person shooter game (FPS). You are an alien exterminator and you have been sent to a space station that is infested with aliens. You must kill as many aliens as you can and survive.

7) Highway Pursuit

Highway Pursuit is a modern game taking its inspiration from a number of classic arcade games. It's an action-packed 3d blast along roads filled with enemy agents; but also with innocent civilians that you should protect at all costs.

8) Mortal Kombat 1.0

Mortal Kombat was the first entry in the famous and highly controversial Mortal Kombat fighting game series by Midway Games, released in arcades in 1992. It was later picked up by Acclaim Entertainment for the home version, then later returned to Midway. It centers on the first Mortal Kombat tournament and the ultimate defeat of the evil Shang Tsung by the monk Liu Kang.

9) Bowling Masters

Cool 3D bowling. Ideal for team virtual tournaments with friends!

10) Mario Forever Galaxy 1.8

Z continuation of the Mario Forever game. Evil Bowser rebuilds his army and kidnaps the princess to another planet. An amazingly funny space shooter. Nice graphics, good sounds, lots of weapons and extras.

For some more freeware games for Vista you may check out For some cool online freeware games you may check out and
NOTE : Games are a vector for spyware. So please always take care while installing any games, screensavers, etc. Make sure your anti virus, anti-spyware is up and running and please don't click Yes-Yes blindly to anything.


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