Thursday, January 15, 2009

Windows 7 Beta's Many Free and Legit Themes


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Customizing the look and feel of Windows is a cinch with themes—problem is, Microsoft generally offers so few supported themes. That's changed in Windows 7 Beta: Microsoft is already offering 20 fresh themes. Here's a closer look.

In previous releases of Windows, if you wanted to choose from more than a small handful of "Royale"-named themes, you had to do some legwork so you could install custom themes. With Windows 7, Microsoft may actually offer several legitimate themes so you can adjust the look and feel of Windows to your heart's content. Granted, these Windows 7 themes aren't as transformative some of the killer custom themes we've featured for patched themes, but these 20 offerings already represent significantly more action in the theme department.

1 The default Windows 7 Beta theme

The default Windows 7 Beta theme

2 Landscape theme

Landscape theme

3 Light Auras theme

Light Auras theme

4 Nature theme

Nature theme

5 Theme for United States

Theme for United States

6 Beaghmore Stones (Northern Ireland, UK)

Beaghmore Stones (Northern Ireland, UK)

7 Blossoms & Mt Fuji (Japan)
8 Butterfly
9 College of Fine Arts (Dresden, Germany)
10 Crater Lake Sunset (Oregon, USA)
11 Hana Highway (Hawaii, USA)
12 Isle of Lewis (Scotland, UK)
13 Llanrwst (Wales, UK)
14 Maple Leaves (Japan)
15 Niers Niederrhein (Germany)
16 Rocky Seashore
17 Shi Shi Beach (Washington, USA)
18 Sunset Gold & Blue
19 Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)

Vineyards (Germany)

The first five themes you see in the gallery come with Windows 7 Beta out of the box, while the subsequent 15 are all made available as downloads from the Windows 7 Personalize your PC page. According to Life Rocks 2.0, you can find even more hidden themes inside a WindowsGlobalizationMCT folder (if you make a few tweaks first).

As you can see, each theme comes with a complimentary wallpaper, most of which are landscapes. You can, of course, customize the wallpaper to your liking. Primarily the themes change the color of the chrome—which itself stays translucent, of course.

What do you think of the new Windows 7 themes? Are they enough to keep you from patching and using unauthorized custom themes when the time comes? Let's hear your thoughts—along with your favorites—in the comments.


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