Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to recover (or hack?) Windows Live Messenger password


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Dawgs Domain has created a tool which will retrive your lost Windows Live Messenger password. A great tool if you have forgotten your password and dont wanna go through or cannot retrive it though the microsoft .net passport password recovery process. Many times we do signup using fake address, zip, birth date…. And some ppl are just too lazy to go through the process.

The author claims it has been legitimately made for people that forget their password and not to used to hack your friends msn password. ;)

To recover your Windows Live Messenger password you need to download this small program:

Download WLM Password Recovery Tool

Extract the zip file and run the WLMPasswords.exe. No installation is required =D.


Now type the passport id (email address) for which u want to recover password in the Filter field.

Hack Windows Live Messenger Password

Now click on the Check button to start scanning.

Hack MSN Messenger Password

… And you will get the “plain text” password here :|

Hack MSN Password

If you get error running you might need to install .NET Framework version 2.0. You can install it from here.



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