Friday, January 16, 2009

Windows 7: How to View and/or Change Your HomeGroup Password


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You set up your HomeGroup for sharing files on your network, but now you’ve forgotten the password. By going to the Control Panel, you can either view the current HomeGroup password or go ahead and change it.

1. Click the Windows Orb (Start button).

2. Select Control Panel.

3. Select All Control Panel Items.

4. Select HomeGroup.

5. Go to the bottom of the window, to the Other homegroup actions section.

To view the current password:

Click the View or print the homegroup password link.

Your homegroup password will be displayed.

To change the password:

Click the Change the password link.

Click the Change the password button (if you are sure you want to do this)

Use the newly generated password, hit the refresh button for another one, or input your own. (Make sure to remember it this time!)

Click the Change password button.


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