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Install and Use 3rd Party Themes in Windows Vista


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METHOD 1: Installing Vista Themes using VistaGlazz Utility:

By default Windows doesn't allow 3rd party themes to be used, so we need to patch Windows to use 3rd party themes. "VistaGlazz" is a free utility which can patch Windows easily and quickly.

First download VistaGlazz from following link:

Download VistaGlazz

Now run the utility and it'll show following screen:

Click on "I agree" button. Now click on first icon in the next screen.

It'll patch your Windows. Restart your system and now you are ready to use 3rd party themes.

Copy the downloaded theme folder (containing a .theme file and a folder containing .msstyles file) to "%windir%\Resources\Themes\" folder. Now right-click on Desktop and select "Personalize". Click on "Theme" link in the new window and select the downloaded theme from drop-down list. Apply it and enjoy the theme.

METHOD 2: Installing Vista Themes using Tuneup Utilities:

This is the safest method to use 3rd party themes in Windows Vista. First download Tuneup Utilities from following link:

Download Tuneup Utilities

(30 days trial version)

Install the software and run the program. Now click on "TuneUp Styler 2" button in the main window:

It'll open another window. Click on "Visual Style" link in left side pane:

Now click on "Add -> Install Visual Style From File..." option:

A browse dialog will open. Browse for the downloaded theme and select its .msstyles file. Now click on Open button:

It'll immediately add the theme in the list. Click on "Apply Visual Style" button.

That's it.

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