Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take a Look at New Animated Boot Screen in Windows 7 Build 6954


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"WinFuture.de" has reported that the latest Windows 7 build "6954" contains a new boot screen which shows animated items/balls that come together to form Windows logo.

Now Chris123NT has recorded this new animated boot screen and uploaded it on YouTube. Following is the video of this new boot screen in action:

Its not clear whether the same boot screen will be present in the RTM version or not. Also there are speculations that this new boot screen was also present in the previous Windows 7 builds but Microsoft kept it hidden just like they did with the taskbar.

One more interesting news is coming that Microsoft is planning to allow OEMs to have their own customized boot screens in Windows 7 which was not possible in Windows Vista.

At the moment we can only wait for the next build...

Direct Link to the Video


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